Welcome to Danville Junior/Senior High School!

Danville Junior/Senior High School is part of a K-12 building located in the community of Danville, Iowa. We currently serve approximately 100 students in grades 7-8 and 200 students in grades 9-12. Within the walls of Danville Junior/Senior High School, you will find a strong sense of community and a commitment to the excellence of all students. In grades 7 and 8, strong core classes in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Social Studies are offered as part of the academic program. Students are also exposed to an array of exploratory classes. In grades 9-12, students not only have required courses in the areas of English and Social Studies, they also have the opportunity to select a variety of electives in these areas as well as Science, Mathematics, Family and Consumer Science, Industrial Technology, Business and Technology, Spanish, Art and Music. These classes are designed to expose students to a variety of possible academic or career-oriented fields. In addition to our strong academic program, students also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra curricular activities.

At Danville Junior/Senior High School, we understand the importance of developing and maintaining healthy, nurturing relationships with our students and strive to create an environment where each student has a sense of belonging and value. We diligently work to bring out the best in our students by incorporating the Six Pillars of Character. Several times throughout the year, we recognize our students for displaying the pillars of character, academic success, extra-curricular participation and other achievements. The staff embraces the concept of a “team approach” and meet regularly to communicate student progress with parents and other team members, address the needs of individual students, develop cross curricular activities and plan for assemblies and character activities. As a team, we strive to meet the unique needs of all our students through establishing high expectations, creating open lines of communication, varying instructional strategies and advocating for each and every student.

Thank you for entrusting us with your children. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of their lives. Feel free to stop by for a visit. I know you will see that Danville Junior/Senior High is truly “The Home of Quality Kids!”

John Lawrence,
Junior/Senior High Principal