Danville Elementary is located at 419 South Main in Danville, Iowa. We are part of a PK4-12 building and have an enrollment of approximately 350 students in grades PK4-6. We offer students and parents a developmental and safe learning environment in a small-town “community school” setting. Our small class sizes and “team teaching” enable our staff to meet the individual needs of our students giving them both support and challenges.

Our district is able to offer many year-round programs for Danville students. From daycare to educational offerings, we are committed to providing a well-rounded and comprehensive education for your child.

Danville Elementary is truly a community school district. Individuals of all ages are involved in the educational process of our students. Juniors and Seniors at Danville High School may earn credit by spending a class period each day for a semester volunteering in classrooms as student assistants. Community volunteers, such as parents and grandparents, also spend time in the classrooms working with the students and assisting the teachers. These volunteers also plan and organize activities and fundraisers to support educational needs at Danville Elementary School.

The Danville Elementary faculty is committed to working with our students as they develop basic skills in reading, writing, and math. Our reading and math specialists help support each classroom teacher in their endeavor to make each and every child proficient in the core subjects. We continually strive for teaching improvements by using many new and innovative strategies.

Welcome to Danville Elementary!